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Termite Treatment in South Brisbane area

SafAAA Pest Control perform extensive South Brisbane termite treatment, inspections and chemical barrier installations to keep your house and family safe. Our small team of pest control professionals are experienced in comprehensive termite treatment and barrier installation. Our emphasis is on safety; we initiate safe protocols and procedures when spraying chemicals on site and our team are professionally qualified in all the work we perform. We’re based in Logan and service the wider South Brisbane suburbs.

Our services include:

  • Annual inspections
  • Mortgage application and pre-sale inspections
  • Chemical barrier protection
  • Termite treatment

Please get in touch with the SafAAA Pest Control team on 1300 723 222 to arrange an appointment for inspection.

Termite treatment with an emphasis on safety:

A major concern for our clients is whether our treatment plans are safe for their kids and pets. We use chemicals that are proven to be safe for humans to be near and implement procedures that minimise harm for both your family and our technicians. We’re certified by Cm3, an Australian leader in workplace health and safety qualification, relied on by countless government organisations and large corporations.

As a testament to our commitment to safety, we continually learn new methodology from the industry as it develops and always seek professional accreditation. We’re fully insured, and our accreditations include:

  • Cert III in Pest Management (CPP30911)
  • CPPPMT3005A – Modify environment to manage pests
  • CPPPMT3006A – Apply pesticide to manage pests
  • CPPPMT3018B – Maintain equipment and chemical storage areas
  • CPPPMT3008A – Inspect and report on timber pests
  • CPPPMT3010A – Control timber pests
  • Blue card

Termite Inspection:

Termite inspections are required before a comprehensive treatment plan can be put in place. Our termite inspections are thorough and include a comprehensive written report with detailed photos. We take photos and write up our concerns electronically during the inspection, making sure nothing gets left out before emailing it to you.

Whether you suspect termites, need an inspection for a mortgage or house sale, or are simply getting your annual inspection done, we’re equally thorough with all inspections. We’ve witnessed many times the devastation that a termite infestation can bring to a structure and leave no stone unturned in finding termites before they become a serious concern.

Termite Treatment:

Termites love moisture and we often find them near sinks, water heaters and behind toilets. If during an inspection we find evidence of termites near areas of moisture, we may recommend an intrusive inspection procedure, where we simply drill into the area to see if any termites lurk behind. If termites are spotted, we’ll develop a termite treatment plan tailored to your house and termite infestation to get rid of them for good.

We use Termidor Termiticide, the latest and greatest professional termite treatment product on the market. Depending on your house structure, we’ll opt to use either a dust or foam.

Termite Chemical Barriers:

After a termite treatment, it’s recommended to implement a preventative measure as soon as possible to prevent them from coming back, because they most certainly will. Termites are intense and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once the first colony is gone, you can expect more to come back.

The most common preventative measures on the market today are chemical barriers and baiting stations. We’re qualified to professionally install chemical barriers and always recommend them to our customers over baiting boxes for a number of reasons. We’ve consistently seen the effectiveness of chemical barrier technology over the years and think it’s a superior treatment.

Although baiting boxes typically cost less upfront than a chemical barrier system, they require replenishing every year, which typically comes close to $1000 per year. With a chemical barrier treatment system, we spray 10L of chemicals per metre, which lasts over eight years. Only a quick inspection is required each year to keep the eight-year warranty (T&C’s apply) intact and we’ve seen plenty of chemical barrier systems outlast their expected eight-year lifetime.

Once again, we use Termidor’s range of chemicals for chemical barriers. These chemical barriers have been proven safe for children and pets but are absolutely deadly to termites.

Brisbane Termite Treatments

Get in touch with SafAAA on 1300 723 222 for more information about our Brisbane termite treatment services.