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Storage Facility Pest Control Experts

SafAAA Pest Control are storage facility pest control specialists. Operating in Brisbane and the wider South East Queensland area, we have experience working with some of the biggest storage facility companies. Our team are all fully qualified pest control professionals and are certified to treat and prevent a wide range of pests including cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, rats and mice.

For more information about our full range of storage facility pest control services, please get in touch on 1300 723 222.

Storage Facility Pest Control:

Storage facilities are a natural habitat for many pests. Dark enclosed spaces filled with a number of different materials that are often left unchecked for months at a time. Throw in a lack of fresh air and natural light and you’ve got the perfect breeding ground for cockroaches, spiders, mice and rats. That is why pest control for storage facilities is so important. Your customers trust you to look after their belongings and expect that their items will be in the same condition that they left them in when they return for them.

At SafAAA Pest Control, we specialise in storage facility pest control. We have a large contract with one of the county’s biggest storage facility companies, and have developed processes and techniques specifically for targeting pests that are attracted to storage facilities. Our years of experience servicing this industry mean that we have a thorough understanding of the ways that different pests infiltrate storage facilities, where they hide out, and how to treat them.

Safety and Certifications:

SafAAA Pest Control are Cm3 certified. Cm3 are an industry-leading WHS/OHS certification authority. Our team also hold current blue cards and are qualified in the following areas:

  • Cert III in Pest Management (CPP30911)
  • CPPPMT3005A – Modify environment to manage pests
  • CPPPMT3006A – Apply pesticide to manage pests
  • CPPPMT3018B – Maintain equipment and chemical storage areas
  • CPPPMT3008A – Inspect and report on timber pests
  • CPPPMT3010A – Control timber pests

We continuously re-invest in our training, ensuring that we are on top of the latest pest control products and techniques. This allows us to continuously improve our service, providing safer and longer-lasting pest control services for Brisbane businesses.

Storage Facility Pest Control

Get in touch with SafAAA on 1300 723 222 for more information about our storage facility pest control services.