End Of Lease

End of Lease Pest Control in South Brisbane

SafAAA Pest Control provide fast, affordable and timely end of lease pest control services in South Brisbane suburbs to get your bond back with no hassles. Our team of qualified pest control professionals will work efficiently to meet your real estate agent’s requirements, providing detailed receipts to get you your bond back. We place a key emphasis on safe chemicals and safe practices; we’re qualified to conduct all work we perform and are certified by an external professional WHS certifier.

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Get your bond back with no hassles:

Getting an end of lease pest control inspection is standard procedure for any residential tenancy arrangement today, and we’ve tailored our services to make it as stress-free for you as possible. Our team stay flexible with appointment times to ensure we can get in with the short notice often required when moving between houses. With years of experience in residential pest control, we know exactly what real estate agent’s want, but can satisfy any additional requirements they may place. We’ll provide you with a detailed receipt to provide your landlord or real estate agent so you can receive your bond back as soon as possible.

A standard end of lease pest control treatment includes:

  • Floor spraying with hand-held pump
  • Cockroach gel in cupboards
  • Flea sterilisation on carpets

Spraying the carpeting for fleas is nearly always required as part of an end of lease pest control. To satisfy your real estate agent’s requirements, we’ll eradicate fleas from your carpet and spray with a growth inhibitor, ensuring that any eggs are sterilised.

Cockroaches love to hide in cupboards and tight spaces where there is ample supply of food. To treat cupboards for cockroaches, we use a gel solution, applied in selected areas like door hinges and small gaps where insects often hide. The gel solution is entirely food safe and is designed to kill as many cockroaches as possible. Once infected from gel bait, it takes a few hours for a cockroach to die, with the idea being that it goes back to its colony and spreads the infection there.


We’re certified by Cm3, an Australian leader in workplace health and safety qualification, relied on by countless government organisations and large corporations. We place key importance on using safe chemicals and safe practices when conducting our pest control services. Only chemicals that are safe for pets and children are used in our end of lease pest treatments and our application procedures are designed to minimise potential harm for both your family and our technicians.

Most tenants opt to get their pest control conducted after they’ve removed their furniture, but we’re more than happy to conduct end of lease services with furniture still in the home and it’s perfectly safe to do this as well.

You can place trust in the SafAAA team, knowing we have all qualifications relevant for the safe application of pest control products, including:

  • Cert III in Pest Management (CPP30911)
  • CPPPMT3005A – Modify environment to manage pests
  • CPPPMT3006A – Apply pesticide to manage pests
  • CPPPMT3018B – Maintain equipment and chemical storage areas
  • CPPPMT3008A – Inspect and report on timber pests
  • CPPPMT3010A – Control timber pests
  • Blue card

End of Lease Pest Control

Get in touch with SafAAA on 1300 723 222 for more information about our end of lease pest control services.